“DFTS” Monthly Book Giveaway Contest update!

Hey folks!

Just a reminder to all of you that our first “DANCEFLOOR THUNDERSTORM” Monthly Free Book Giveaway contest is still running, but there are only eleven days left! Up until this point, nobody has been able to successfully name all the famous DJs that make up this compiled face:

DFTS Face Contest

If nobody makes all the right guesses, nobody gets the book this month! So, we’ve decided to help you out a little bit…we’re going to tell you who the nose belongs to! The DJ proboscis of the month is the property of none other than…


Yes, the master of Euro-fromage owns the schnoz—so who else contributed the other parts? The deadline for entries is March 31st, and it’s a FREE BOOK, folks! Check the News section of the site for the contest rules! We want to make one of you very happy, so get cracking! GOOD LUCK!!