Bonus Chapter

Moonshine Over America (Bonus chapter does not appear in the printed book)


Although there were several independent record labels that were putting out electronic music in America, probably the most important during the height of the rave scene was Moonshine Music, based in Los Angeles. Its British founders, Steve and Jon Levy, were definite champions of the music and the scene, and they made sure that no other electronic music label made a bigger initial impact in the States than Moonshine. I shot many album covers for them and it was always a pleasure doing so, especially for Carl Cox, Tall Paul, Donald Glaude, Ferry Corsten and others. Moonshine was definitely a great company to do work for, while it lasted.

Moonshine was also among the first American dance music labels to hit the road on a regular basis with their cross-country tours, featuring the cream of their talent. The biggest would be their “Moonshine Over America” tour, which in 2000 featured Keoki, Frankie Bones, DJ Micro and Cirrus. And what better place for such illustrious spinners to overindulge themselves than at The Drink in Sin City?

The hijinks actually began on the tour bus, which was filled with the DJs, plus industry folks and a whole lot of booze that began flowing shortly after the engine stopped. As showtime approached, one anonymous staff member announced “OK, there are entire too many men on this bus! We need some pussy!” A loud round of cheers immediately followed, and two guys were swiftly dispatched to the Crazy Horse to procure some shapely female companionship. Reminds me a lot of the movie Almost Famous.

Oh, and apparently there was a gig, too. Come to think of it, the gig kicked ass. We ended up leaving at 6:00 AM…and of course my flight out of there was at noon. Sleep? Hah! In your dreams, pal…